Justus Mino Top Woodburning Stove with Log Store

  • 5kW heat output
  • Eco Design Ready 2022
  • Air flow bar handle with snap lock system
  • Profiled vermiculite firebox lining and cast iron grid
  • External combustion air connection
  • Airwash technology to help keep the glass clean
  • Choice of top or rear flue outlet
  • High efficiency – 80%
  • Flue – 150mm (6”)

Width – 463mm
Height – 988mm
Depth – 463mm

Flue outlet size – 150mm (6″)

Weight – 130kg

Efficiency – 80%

A – 800mm in the radiant range of the pane
B1 – 200mm distance from the wall at the rear
B2 – 200mm distance from the wall at the side
C – 200mm Floor protection on the side of the filler opening
D – 300mm floor protection in front of the filler opening

Non Combustible
To none combustibles materials we recommend a minimum distance (B1) of 50mm