Deepline fires

Deepline fires (180mm deep) are ideal for all standard brick built chimneys.

Slimline Fire

Slimline fires (120mm deep) are perfect for fitting in chimney breasts, pre-cast or prefabricated flues.

On the Manual Control fires the gas control valve is positioned at the base of the fire tray behind the ash pan cover.
Check the chimney or flue

All gas fires require a chimney or flue to conduct expended gases outside. Be Modern has a range of fires available to suit your chimney or flue type. To help you identify which type you have and which fire will fit it best (slimline or deepline) look at the simple explanations below. If you are still in any doubt about which flue or chimney you have, please contact one of our approved retailers for advice


Brick Chimney | (Class 1).
A conventional chimney for use with a solid fuel or gas appliance is easily recognisable, as the stack rises above the roofline and usually has a pot or gas terminal on top. With this type of chimney you can install all our gas fires including the deepline model.

Pre-Fab flue

Pre-Fabricated Flue | (Class 2)
Identifiable by a metal flue and terminal on the roof this flue system is suitable for all Be Modern gas fires.

Pre-Cast flue

Pre-Cast Flue
A pre-cast flue can be identified by a ridge vent on the roofline. Built from concrete or clay blocks usually within the wall cavity.

For over 50 years Be Modern has been manufacturing fires and fireplaces to the highest of standards. All gas fires are rigorously tested and checked by our internal Quality Control Department to the latest ISO standards before being sent to our approved retailers.

All manual gas fires are supplied with a 2 year warranty providing you with the reassurance and peace of mind that you have purchased and installed a high quality product.

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Quality Approved
For your reassurance, all Be Modern fires are made in accordance with Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001. We have a range of fires available to suit your chimney or flue and we’ve explained the main types above.
Flame Failure Device
All gas fires are fitted with a device which ensures that in the event of the flame going out during operation, the gas supply to the fire is cut off.
Oxygen Depletion Sensor
All fires are fitted with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor that shuts off the gas supply if the oxygen level is too low in the room or if there is a blockage in the chimney or flue.

Manual Control